Dyneema Winch Line (Rope)


These replacement cables for ATV (QUAD) winches are made of Dyneema SK-75 synthetic fiber.

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These replacement cables for all-terrain vehicle winches (QUAD, Side by side, 4×4, etc.) are made of Dyneema SK-75 synthetic fiber.

These High Performance PolyEthylene (HPPE) fibers are braided to form a twelve (12) core stranded cable that replaces a steel wire of equivalent diameter but nine (9) times lighter!


  • They do not deform.
  • They do not freeze.
  • They do not make pig’s tail (corkscrew).
  • They do not injure your hands.
  • They are easy to maneuver and repair.
  • Research carried out by FPInnovations research institute has shown that these cables can last longer than steel cables.

Once you’ve tried this type of cable, you’ll never want to use steel cables again.

Note: When installing the cable, it is recommended to polish all winch surfaces to eliminate sharp edges that may come in contact with the new cable.


Minimum Breaking Strength: 2085 kg
Material: High Performance PolyEthylene (HPPE) fibers with solid splice at its end

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 650 g
Length: 15 m
Diameter: 5 mm


Other: 3 months

Additional Information

Replaces a steel cable of equivalent diameter. Can only be used on conventional winches on which the cable accumulates. Can not be used with our capstan winches.

Additional information


5 mm


15 m


650 g

Minimum Breaking Strength

2085 kg