Padded Waterproof And Airtight Case With Removable Casters


Waterproof and airtight case with removable casters and folding top handle for winches and accessories.

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Equipped with a foldable handle on the top and four detachable casters for transport., this padded waterproof and airtight case allows secure transportation and storage of your Portable Capstan Winch.

This case, which carries a lifetime warranty, will store and protect a winch as well as many accessories.

Suitable for the PCW5000, PCW5000-HS or PCH1000

Foam liner can be cut out to fit winch and accessories.

Shock proof, waterproof (will float with 100 kg of material inside), this case will protect your investment in any conditions!


Material: Polymer

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 14.8 kg
Length: 58 cm
Width: 58 cm
Height: 56 cm


Other: Lifetime

Additional Information

Will fit all winch models but PCH2000. Inside dimensions: 46 cm x 46 cm x 44.5 cm.

Additional information


14.8 kg


58 cm


58 cm


56 cm