Pulling Plate For Vehicles PCA-1310


The best possible anchor point for any type of vehicle! Fits towing balls up to 50.8 mm diameter.

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All-terrain vehicles have no anchoring point designed to attach a rope; the ball hitch may present roughness which would damage the rope. In addition, the geometry of the ball tightens the knot meaning it is difficult to untie.

The pulling plate is designed to be used with a synthetic rope. The straight and smooth drum guarantees that the rope can be easily untied without causing any damage. A slot on the left-hand side is used to insert a chain link for pulling directly behind the quad. To the right of the drum, a hook is available for the attachment of a steel ring or sling.

The plate is equipped with an opening in the form of a keyhole which allows it to slide over a ball hitch up to 50.8 mm in diameter. Once positioned on the neck of the ball, it is able to pivot and be lined up with the load.

This takes place close to the quad’s centre of gravity thus reducing the risk of rearing for increased safety.

Also useful to pull from a 4×4!


Material: Anodised steel

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 1.7 kg
Length: 27 cm
Width: 14 cm
Height: 14 cm
Diameter: 4.2 cm


Other: 1 year

Additional Information

A great accessory to use in combination with the skidding cone (PCA-1290), the choker chain (PCA-1295) or any length of 10 mm or 12 mm rope.