Vertical Pull Winch PCH2000 Support


Vertical pull support for PCH2000 winch. Installs on PCA-1263, PCA-1265, PCA-1267, PCA-1501, PCA-1806. If used for horizontal pulling, the pivoting anchor (PCA-1332) is necessary.

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Made for the PCH2000 lifting winch, this accessory has been especially designed for lifting operations. It offers solid support while its pulley directs the rope vertically with an angle, which means sections of the tower or pylon far from the centre can be reached.

The PCA-2264 is compatible with many anchoring systems. For example, its 50.8 mm square tube can be installed on the anchoring system for trees/posts (PCA-1263), the adapter for the Heck-Peck system for European ball hitches (PCA-1265), square tubes (PCA-1267 and PCA-1501) or the support for pylons (PCA-1806).

In certain situations, you can use it to pull horizontally. In this case, you can use it in combination with pivoting anchor PCA-1332 (sold separately).


Material: Powder Coated Steel

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 12.30 kg
Length: 61 cm
Width: 26 cm


Other: 1 year

Additional Information

Equipped with a solid swivel pulley. Rope diameter when used for pulling = 6 mm to 16 mm. Rope diameter when used for lifting = 12 mm to 13 mm. Note: Compatible with the PCH2000 winch only.

Additional information


12.30 kg


Powder Coated Steel