Winch Support Plate With Bent Hitch Pin


Winch support plate with bent hitch pin. Installs on PCA-1263, PCA-1265, PCA-1267 or PCA-1501.

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This support plate is ideal for anchoring a winch to a vehicle or to the anchoring system for trees and posts (PCA-1263). It pivots 45 degrees on each side, offers solid support and automatically lines up with the load. Therefore, it facilitates extended use from a fixed point. A rubber pad absorbs the vibrations.

It can be used with various accessories (sold separately): anchoring system for trees and posts (PCA-1263), square tubes (PCA-1267 or PCA-1501) or adapter for the Heck-Peck anchoring system (PCA-1265).

Regardless of which accessory you choose, the portable winch will always be very stable!


Material: Zinc Plated Steel

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 4.5 kg
Length: 45 cm
Width: 29 cm


Other: 1 year

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4.5 kg


Zinc Plated Steel