Single Swing Side Pulley – All Aluminum. 1 Sheave 63 MM


It is the perfect pulley for those looking for a strong yet very light product. Equipped with a 63 mm sheave.

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This aluminium pulley with oscillating side plates opens to allow the rope to pass through and prevents its movement once closed.

This is the perfect pulley for applications requiring a very resistant and light pulley.

It is useful for diverting the winching direction or for doubling the pulling force when attached to the load.
Its 63 mm aluminium wheel is mounted on a self-lubricating bronze bearing and offers 98% effectiveness.

Use our PCA-1276, PCA-1701 or PCA-1702 carabiners to anchor it.


Minimum Breaking Strength: 50 kN (6000 kg)
Working Load Limit: N/A
Certification: CE
Material: Sides: Aluminum

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 0.40 kg
Diameter: 63 mm
Length: 17 cm
Width: 11 cm
Height: 11 cm


Minimum Diameter: 6 mm
Maximum Diameter: 13 mm


Other: 1 year

Additional Information

Not designed for steel cable. ISC Brand.

Additional information


63 mm

Minimum Breaking Strength

50 kN (6000 kg)

Working Load Limit



0.40 kg