Winch Anchor System For Trees And Poles


Winch anchor system for trees and poles with 3 m (10′) strap. Use with PCA-1264 or PCA-1268.

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This anchoring system allows the winch to be anchored to a tree or a post, which facilitates extended use from a fixed point. In fact, when it is used with the winch support plate (PCA-1268), the winch can be set up at a comfortable height and the pivoting support automatically lines up with the load.

It is also used for the vertical pulling of cables or even lifting. To do this, you must also have the winch support for vertical pulling (PCA-1264).

The four rubber pads prevent the system from slipping on a post and protects the bark of trees.


Material: Powder Coated Steel

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 8.2 kg
Length: 32 cm
Width: 27 cm


Other: 1 year

Additional Information

Comes with a 3 m strap and an hex key for the ratchet system. Tree or pole diameter: from 30 cm to 91 cm.

Additional information


8.2 kg


Powder Coated Steel