Perfect for Forestry Work

Professional loggers and weekend warriors alike agree that they LOVE their Portable Winch! Especially designed accessories – starting with the skidding cone – contribute to getting the logs out easily with less friction. Pulleys, slings, chokers, hooks and carabiners all play their part when it’s time to multiply the power required or to change the pulling direction.

Harvest your trees with our winches! The most popular model for forestry work: the PCW5000! Use it for hauling logs, pulling down a snagged tree or for directional felling. All this with total control and without damaging residual trees. Skid your logs to the trail without damaging the forest stand. Bring down hung up trees and stay safe, or use the Portable Winch for directional felling. We also offer a wide range of useful accessories: they are sturdy and especially designed for forestry work. Get the right tool!

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Hunters, Keep Out of Trouble!

No doubt, a wild hunting story is always fun to tell, but living it is another story. Our specialists suggest the right tools in order to avoid overexertion or breaking your back so you have more time to spend with your friends! Keep on enjoying your favorite sport with the proper equipment to retrieve your game. Give yourself a break!

Performance is easy with the right tools! You can now hunt wherever the big game is hiding, knowing that you will be able to haul back your trophy! In addition to being efficient, our winches are safe to use and can be operated by one person!

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Work Safe!

Petrol-powered or electric, winches from Portable Winch add value to your team. Our winches offer unprecedented alternatives for dealing with complex tasks in a simple manner. Pulling electrical wire or fiber optic, erecting towers, putting up fabric structures, hoisting antennas and materials are only a few examples of industrial usages. Possibilities are endless!

We offer many industrial-grade winches. From the PCH1000 to the PCT1800 without forgetting the PCH2000, our tools are made to perform complex or strenuous tasks in a simple manner – even in difficult access sites. We stand out from the competition, not only for the high quality and innovative design of our winches but also for the complete range of accessories available according to the industrial application of your choice. We offer a wide selection of anchoring methods so you can tie the winch to a post, a vehicle or even a power transmission pylon. Our tools will make your task easier and are capable of pulling and lifting effortlessly.

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Various Applications

Do you have a special application not mentioned in our categories? Know that our winches are used in a multitude of tasks! Whether for rescue operations, natural disaster relief, pulling a vehicle stuck in the snow or mud, pulling a boat or a dock out of the water or working on the farm, there is no end to the potential situations where are Portable Winch can be of great help. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to confirm the suitability for a particular application – our specialists will answer your questions!

There are very many situations where a Portable Winch is useful. If you are on off-roader, you will have more fun with your all-terrain vehicle (ATV, UTV, 4×4, Argo, snowmobile, etc.) knowing that you can go the extra distance without worry of getting stuck – your Portable Winch will get you out of trouble! Our versatile winches are powerful, fast and easy to carry. Why live without one?

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