Purpose Built Transport Case With Molded Locations For Winch PCW3000 only (not the PCW3000LI)


Purpose built transport case with molded locations for the PCW3000 (Not the PCW3000LI). Fits molded Backpack PCA-0104.

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Fits on Backpack PCA-0104 !

This transport case with molded parts is specially designed for the PCW3000 winch only.

Does not fit the PCW3000-LI

Transport and store your winch safely in this resistant and sturdy box made of high-performance plastic!

Its molded shape facilitates the storage of the winch. Equipped with a strap on each side, you can easily attach it to your quad, snowmobile, rowboat or other vehicle. It is also specially designed to be attached to the molded backpack,

PCA-0104, for easy transportation.

Protect your investment while on the move!

NOTE: Winch and sling not included.


Material: High-impact plastic

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 4.8 kg
Length: 47 cm
Width: 44 cm
Height: 33 cm


Other: 1 year

Additional Information

Accepts only the PCW3000 model and is specially designed to be attached to the PCA-0104 molded backpack.  Does not fit PCW3000LI

Additional information


4.8 kg


47 cm


44 cm


33 cm